What is Spice Trade Cuisine ?

Have you ever wonder what’s missing in your life? Has this inner evaluation led you to believe it may be related to lack of spice? Well then, we are here to help you find your inner spice.

No, this is not a blog related to your adventures in the bedroom…get your mind out of the gutter. We are here to help you explore healthy alternatives in your kitchen.

How do you plan to help me in the kitchen ?

We will be providing weekly entries on dishes that you can cook from scratch yourself and how to do it. Some details on the types of dishes:

  • All dishes will be vegetarian, some may even be vegan (that will be indicated at the top of the entry). Granted you may not be vegetarian or vegan, however, you may want to try a meal once or twice a week which gives your local butcher a break.
  • All items for the meals will be prepared ourselves. This means no pasta sauce from your local grocer, no pre-cooked spaghetti, you get the idea.
  • Spices! Yes we are going to use them in our dishes, some of them to add flavour and some just for your health.

The point here is that healthy food can taste good and you have lots of options to choose from.

Why Vegetarian/Vegan food ?

That’s a simple answer: we are vegetarians! The point is you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy a vegetarian meal.

Also, if you have a vegetarian guest coming over for dinner you can offer more than just boiled Asparagus roots and Brussel sprouts. Vegetarians deserve good food too!

Why a blog about health and food?

This isn’t a blog about healthy eating and best food options, rather it is about my journey to healthier choices and hopefully to inspire others to achieve similar goals.

What does this have to do with Spices?

Good Question! Spices can enhance flavours in your dishes or just plain sear your taste buds. Many of these have health benefits when used in the correct combination. We’re here to find that combination and share it with you. Our taste buds may be seared on the path but hopefully we save you the pain.

What commitment do I have to put to follow this blog?

Let’s be realistic: being healthy isn’t always the cheapest and can be a time consuming option. The goal here is to provide you with comprehensive recipes that you can cook and consume quickly. For some of the recipes requiring a longer time we will provide you with separate entries. For instance, you could spend an hour on the weekend creating a sauce that will be consumed in multiple meals throughout the week.