Our Story

If you’re wondering what the inspiration behind this blog was, you’ve come to the correct page. There are a few milestones in life that can act as catalysts for change. Recently my husband and I experienced such a moment which forced us to re-evaluate our priorities.

The recipe for this blog was influenced by the following priorities:

  • Wanting to know what was in our food
  • Making healthier life choices
  • Showing others that Vegetarian food can be delicious even for those who aren’t vegetarian
  • Cooking with fresh ingredients and spices can be an exhilarating experience

This blog is a journey in which we intend to explore spices from various regions of the world and how these can be used to enhance our cooking experience. We do not have all the answers at the start of this blog but hope to learn with you and share the fruits of our findings.

We are a two person team my name is Jaspreet Kaur Mann and my husband Gurinder Singh Mann. We both work full-time jobs and understand how hard it can be to cook meals from scratch while working during the day. The goal is to make home cooked meals easy for you to achieve and share with your loved ones.