Chocolate chip thins

This simple recipe allows you to enjoy chocolate chips cookies without the guilt of the extra calories.


This week we bring to you crepes with an Indian twist which can be had for breakfast or lunch or better yet brunch!

Coconut Milk

Rather than having to climb trees to get your fresh #coconut we are providing a recipe for #coconutmilk using #unsweetened #shredded #coconuts.

Peanut Butter

all you need are peanuts and a high speed blender.

Roasted Vegetable Tomato Sauce

Why not take the time to create your own tomato sauce? The aroma, taste, color and texture simply cannot be matched.

Oatmeal double chocolate chip cookies

Its that time of year again love is in the air and we are all looking at ways to pamper our loved ones on valentines day be that your significant other or your family…

Blueberry Beet Energy Smoothie

This vegetable and fruit smoothie is filled with health benefits that provide the body with nutrition, minerals, vitamins & fiber.

Mac N Cheese

You’re in the mood for comfort food but not the kind that is associated with heart attack due to the copious amounts of butter, and unnecessary carbs.